About Jasmine

How may I help you with your hair needs?


I am a Color Correction and Curly Hair specialist. In my cozy and exclusive salon, I take care of my guests one at a time, so you will never feel rushed. 

I have been working with hair for over two decades. Having curly hair myself, I am very acquainted with the challenges our wonderful curls pose. Working from personal experience, I always seek to  find the best solutions for natural, healthy, beautiful curls.

But not just curls, of course. I work with most types of hair, and always focus on the individual needs of each client.

What my clients say about Jazyhair ® Salon

"The best!"


Jazyhair in Sherman Oaks is the best! I have called with a few questions, a little fearful since I had a bad experience in the past. My hair is thick and curly, and not a lot of hair stylists can handle it.

Jasmine was so kind and patient, she not only answered my questions, but took me through the whole process of highlighting my hair, step by step and explained it as much as she could, without seeing it.

I have made an appointment with her and was thrilled. My hair was totally transformed, like magic, dry split ends were gone, and highlights gave a new dimension to my hair.
I was so happy with the results, that I also send my friend to her, and my friends hair is very fine and straight. Jasmine did an amazing job there too.

Awesome part is also that Jasmine works in her private studio, so you will not be exposed to all the drama and loudness. It is very relaxing and her attention is on you only.

Love it!

-Rita T.

"Jasmine got talent!"


All I can say is Jasmine, you've got talent!!! I went there with a close friend before her fashion show. And wow! It was so amazing after i saw the result. What did you do to make her that beautiful? I already recommend Jasmine to my mom since my mom really love to spend her time at salon and doing so much bla-bla-bla on her hair. I'm sure she gonna love your service!

-Ashlie T.

"Perfect curls."


I absolutely recommend Jasmine especially if you got curly hair!! I recently moved from Chicago and was worried that I might go trough some bad haircuts before I find my stylist. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out of her saloon with perfect curls:) She took me in even if I was 30 min late, was really nice the whole time and gave me lots of tips about how to take care of curly hair. Then few weeks later she called to follow up. I will definetly go back!!! She knows what she's doing!

-Cristina F.

"Best color, Style & Ambiance!"


Best Color, Style & Ambiance! – I was getting ready for a much needed Vegas trip and needed a new look! I brought a magazine photo into Jasmine and she went to work. I was a little nervous as always, but was beaming when my hair came out absolutely gorgeous! I went from brown hair to golden glowing locks with additional glossy sleek blonde highlights. Not to mention the blow dry/style on my very curly hair lasted throughout the trip! Jasmine is not only professional, she's friendly and fun at the same time! She is definitely someone you look forward to visiting for great hair + conversation! :)


"Worth crossing state lines!"

Worth traveling across state lines!!! Jasmine is the best stylist I have ever been to!! I have been going to her for eight years now and I recently moved to Portland. I tried a few different salons up there but no one campared to the quality jasmine provides. So now I fly all the way from Portland to see her every few months. She is really that good! I have very curly hair and I highly recommend coming to Jazyhair of you also have curls and are frustrated with stylists treating your hair as if it's the same as straight hair. I absolutely love the personalized service and relaxing atmosphere provided at Jazyhair. Come check it out for yourself!

-Leah F.

"Wonderful relaxing experience"


I was very pleased – This was just a wonderful relaxing experience. I loved one-on-one treatment, and Jasmine was so great, she explained the whole process of highlighting and cutting my hair step by step. No rush, or one person washing your hair, another cutting and then another coloring. Everything is done by Jasmine in her lovely private studio. I really enjoyed my chai latte and a scalp massage too. This is my kind of place for sure!

-Lana B.


 Jasmine IS FANTASTIC!!!! – Jasmine is FANTASTIC!!! I hadn't had a haircut in a whole year due to the fact that I have had nothing but horrible experiences when getting haircuts for my very curly and frizzy hair.... (that even includes driving 2 hours to see a supposed "curl specialist!") But my ends were looking really unhealthy so I finally bucked up and searched "great curl haircuts" in my area (Sherman Oaks) and came across Jazy Hair. So I made an appointment....  She made me feel pampered by making sure I was cozy and offering me a warm beverage, and magazines. But I never even ended up reading any of them because I had such a fun time chatting with her!

Besides my amazing haircut she spent about a whole extra hour with me giving me extended hair advice on styles, how to keep my curls moisturized and healthy, and also recommending some amazing products (that she conveniently has available to buy at her studio but does not try to pressure you into buying anything!)

When I left Jazy Hair my hair looked better than I could've ever hoped for! She had managed to give me my IDEAL curls!!! Perfect shiny ringlets with NO FRIZZ!!! To figure out how to do this has been one of my goals for as long as I can remember!! And the best part is that she taught me how to do it, so now I can have my ideal curls whenever I want!!! "



"A true professional"

  Jasmine is everything I hoped for! – If you are looking for someone who truly knows about curly or kinky hair. Go to Jasmine! She is a true professional and very enjoyable to speak with. She takes her time and shows you what needs to be done.

_Kinky Hair

"Professional and friendly"

Welcoming environment! From the reception desk to the stylists, everyone there is professional and friendly. You won't find anyone with attitude here, just great, smart people who know what they're doing.

-Marcus Letty

"All I can say is WOW!"


Great hairdresser with so much knowledge – I went to Jasmine upon a recommendation by a friend. All I can say is WOW. Not only did I love what she did with my hair (and it was only a cut, but she layered it and gave it texture so beautifully), but she taught me the best products and straightener to use (not even to sell the products at her salon; she told me where I could find them on my own!) - and I definitely needed that help. I need that guidance with my hair. I never know what to do with it! 


"Great haircut and color."


Jazyhair is great!  I love Jasmine. I have been going to her for many years. She does a great haircut and color.

She has created her own unique and intimate work space. So, its totally a one on one experience. She is not like other hair specialists where she is working on you and 2 others and then comes back to you later. She is fully dedicated to your hair experience. She is always attentive, a good conversationalist and absolutely positive and friendly. She cares and this is why I keep going back. I would highly recommend her for a one of a kind experience is Los Angeles.


"Unique styling experience."


Wonderful stylist! I was not prepared for the unique styling experience Jasmine offers. She runs her boutique salon entirely by herself so she dedicates herself to her customers' hair needs during the entire appointment. She washes your hair, she colors it, she rinses it, she cuts it an styles it. There's no delegating here - all of Jazmin's attention is focused on her client. And the ambience is so peaceful and relaxing - dim lights, aromatic candles. She even treats you to the beverage of your choice - including cappuccinos. I look forward to my appointments with Jasmine because I feel so pampered and lovely.

-Chica Chic